About Letting Go

Despite his wealth, Alex Thompson has been living in fear since his wife died in childbirth. A frivolous wrongful death lawsuit, harassing phone calls, and anonymous threats drive him and his five-year-old twins away from their home in Houston and into the crosshairs of a sniper.

Molly McDill is a struggling single mom who lives next door to Alex and his twins. When she helps them adjust to their new life in the country, she exposes herself and her son to the same threat that followed Alex.

An attempt on his life throws their lives into chaos, inviting more threats, public scrutiny, and Molly's ex-husband back into her life. The tension tests the attraction they feel toward each other as they struggle to keep life normal for their kids.

Alex still doesn't know who wants him dead but suspects his former in-laws. As the threats become a visceral danger, Alex and Molly race to uncover the secret that died with his wife before it costs them everything.

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Letting Go is a 79,400 word contemporary romantic thriller that follows the perspective of both protagonists, Alex and Molly, as well as key antagonists to add perspective and tension.

It will be released November 1st from Amazon and other vendors in trade paperback, audiobook, and kindle formats.

It was written by Anthony Awtrey, a member of the Central Florida Chapter of the Romance Writers of America and Florida Writers Association, the CTO for a technology consultancy, and a professional singer.

"While I was busy trying to stay alive, I forgot to live.
And now I'm remembering."