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About Holding On

After a tour in the military and a career in private security, Larry Hanover is beginning to feel all of his thirty-five years. When he's shot trying to protect his best friend from a murderous plot, he begins to question everything about his life.

While recovering from being shot, he begins an unlikely relationship with local television journalist Jenna Banks. The two of them have undeniable chemistry, but she is focused on her career and moves away to join the network headquarters in New York.

Back at the Context Security office in Houston, Larry watches from afar as Jenna investigates the Radiant Chemical plant closure in Georgia. One morning she reports a murder of one of the plant employees who had claimed to know something dangerous about the plant's past. Later that same day, someone tries to kill Jenna.

Larry quits his job and hopes his time as a private security agent will be enough to protect Jenna from the killers who are after her. Someone doesn't want the secrets of Radiant Chemical uncovered, but Jenna and Larry must find a way to stop the ticking time-bomb off the coast of New Orleans before it's too late.

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"I don't need you! Why do you even care about me?
Why do you keep holding on to this crazy idea that we belong together?"