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About When The Water Burns

Tomas Salazar sailed into Key West on his charter boat, only intending to stay for a week or two. Then he met the beautiful and talented Kyla singing at the Parrot Dice Bar and Grill and stayed for five years, taking charters to make ends meet and hoping Kyla would eventually return his affection.

Kyla appears to be a woman in her mid-twenties, but is actually an eternal elemental water spirit called an Ondine. Her kind were the truth behind legends like mermaids and the Sirens of Greek myth, which makes playing music in a beach side bar the perfect cover.

When Veto Quesada comes into the bar, Tomas immediately recognizes the danger he represents. To earn the money to buy his boat, Tomas smuggled for the cartels and only ever feared the dead-eyed enforcers who killed for money.

Tomas warns Kyla off when she becomes fascinated with a human seemingly immune to the power of her voice. When her fascination draws Veto's attention, she must risk everything to save her only human friend.

"I used to be invulnerable, but something changed. I don't know what happened, but I think it has everything to do with you."